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Spare parts, cleaning and care products, and accessories from Siemens

Find spare parts, products and accessories for Siemens appliances

Spare parts, cleaning products & accessories

Interested in finding Siemens spare parts fitting to your Siemens appliance? Want to browse the range of cleaning product and accessories for your appliance?

Get original spare parts for your home appliances

Siemens provides original spare parts, cleaning and care products and accessories that fit your home appliance. For young appliances and for older model ranges, functional parts are available for up to 10 years after the production of your appliance. Many parts are available for your appliances for much longer. For example, a water pump for your washing machine, a sieve for your dishwasher, a new lamp for your oven, some porthole seals or just smaller screws and electronic parts. Siemens Service offers a wide range of cleaning and care products and accessories fitting to your appliance. Please get in contact with Siemens Service to get more info about these products. Siemens Service needs the model-number (E-Nr) of your appliance to identify the parts fitting to your appliance. The model-number is part of the type plate.

Spare parts, Accessories and Cleaning products

You can purchase Spareparts, Accessories and Cleaning products for your Siemens appliance by visiting our Service Center or call Siemens Call Center. For your convenience, we also offer you delivery service anywhere in Thailand. We look forward to serving you.

Visit Siemens Service Center,

Address: Ital Thai Tower, 1st Floor, 2034/1-5, New Petchburi Road, Bangkapi, Huay Kwang, Bangkok, Thailand 10310

Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 08.30 – 17.30 hrs (Except public holidays)

Or contact Siemens Call Center: Mon-Sat 8.00 AM- 6.00 PM at Tel: (02) 975-5454

Bundle Deal for your Washing Machine @ 1,200 THB

Descaler for washing machine

  • Protects the appliance in hard water areas by removing harmful limescale from key components
  • Descaler for washing machine & dishwasher
  • Easy to use- one box equals one dose
  • In hard water areas, washing machines should be descaled every three months and dishwashers once a year

Washing machine cleaner

  • Suitable for removing deposits from the appliance - including detergent. Prevents unpleasant odours from developing and ensures a clean interior of the washing machine
  • Used with a 90ºC or 95ºC maintenance wash to provide safe, effective cleaning
  • Can help to ensure a cleaner, more hygienic interior of the washing machine, which can improve washing results by reducing spots and marks on laundry
  • For use every three months (one box is one dose)